“Watch me Glow” Chamomile, Rose Hips Renewal Steam

“Watch me Glow” Chamomile, Rose Hips Renewal Steam

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This Freckled Fern soak focuses on the prevention of wrinkles, healing scars and blemishes and can also help you look younger and more vibrant

  • Organic aloe vera,

  • Organic crushed rose hips

  • Organic lemon verbena

  • Organic peeled lemon

  • Organic sage

  • Organic peppermint

  • Organic hibiscus

  • Organic rose petals

  • Organic lavender

  • Organic chamomile

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Try the 4 tin sample pack with 1 of each hand crafted blend or shop all full size FF Steams here!

Sample Pack includes the following blends :

  • “I Don't Have Time to Feel Sick,” Yarrow Steam reduces sinus congestion, improves respiratory function and is great for seasonal allergies. Blend includes all organic yarrow, eucalyptus, elderflower, lemongrass, sage, aloe vera, hibiscus petals and chamomile.

  • “I'm My Own Treat,” Orange Chocolate Dream Steam soothes skin, minimizes blemishes, and hydrates. Blend includes all organic orange peel, cacao nibs, marshmallow, lavender, chamomile and peppermint.

  • “Watch me Glow,” Chamomile & Rose Hips Renewal Steam prevents wrinkles, heals scars and blemishes and helps you look younger and more vibrant. Blend includes all organic aloe vera, crushed rose hips, lemon verbena, peeled lemon, sage, peppermint, hibiscus, rose petals, lavender and chamomile.

  • “Perk Me Up!” Green Tea Revival Steam helps with anti-aging, relieves stress and rejuvenates skin. Blend includes all organic green tea, rose hips, orange, frankincense tears, juniper berries, aloe vera, lemon peel, depetaled roses, chamomile and helichrysum.

Why Steam?

Facial steams offer several benefits to your skin. A steady mist of warm, soothing steam instantly relaxes your body and mind. Over all Steaming your face can...

  • boost circulation

  • hydrate and oxygenate skin

  • loosen debris and unclog pores

  • promote a healthy glow

How to Steam?

Step 1: Wash your face with a mild facial cleanser. If you have long hair, tie it back to keep it out of the water.

Step 2: Pour approximately a quart of water in a large saucepan, than bring the water to a boil. Remove the pan from the burner and let the water cool until it is still hot but not boiling.

Step 3: Pour the hot water into a large glass or ceramic bowl, than place the bowl on a countertop or another safe, sturdy surface.

Step 4: Add one Tbsp. of your chosen blend

Step 5: Lean over the bowl with your face at least 12 inches from the steam. Create a steam tent by draping a large bath towel over your head.

Step 6: Steam your face for 5 to 10 minutes. Stop sooner if your skin feels uncomfortable or if you have sensitive skin or acne.

Step 7: Wipe your face with a cool washcloth to remove loosened impurities and close your pores. For full benefits follow up with facial mist and serum.

Being in a quiet, low lit room will enhance your spa experience. Play your favorite calming music, wear something super comfy and remember to take slow deep, cleansing breaths.