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Crafted in Seal Beach, CA

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Freckled Fern

Freckled fern grew out of my desire to build a community. I love to share my passion for florals and floral design. I live by the motto Think Globally. Act Locally.
— Kelly, Freckled Fern

Beautify your event with Florals.


Infused with Pure. Simple. Wild. Natural ingredients

Our infusions are crafted in small batches with whole pure wildcrafted florals and botanicals We never want to intentionally put any harmful chemicals on our own skin and we’d never want to do that to our customers either so we have made the intentional choice to never use any synthetic preservatives, added chemicals or unneeded additives in any of our products so as such the shelf life is shorter so refrigeration is recommended or keep it in a cool dim place and enjoy them within six months.

Each recipe we offer is tested for pH balance to match the acid of our skin.

The reason so many store bought products will irritate and dry out our skin is because they don’t match our skins ability to properly absorb the nutrients with the right pH . Our skin is around 5.5 on the pH scale so if you’d like to do some detective work on all of your skincare products you can buy some litmus papers

and check how closely they are to that number.


Hand Crafted in Seal Beach, CA 90740

Seal Beach Cira 1917

Seal Beach Cira 1917