Hi, Welcome friends. I'm glad you're here.


I'm Kelly, owner of Freckled Fern. I'm a floral designer, trained by a local floral shop with a big passion for what I do. I grew up in Long beach, CA and moved a huge whopping long distance of five miles to make a home in Seal Beach, where I live with my husband Kevin, our son Owen and our sweet toy poodle Penny.

As I developed,  I started working freelance, special events and slowly started turning my passion into a small business.  After two years I finally made the leap to open Freckled Fern. Of course, owning your own business, I wanted to be mindful of the excess florals I had left over from projects and special events and actually use them in everyday life. This is also how I began looking into different methods of drying and reusing my materials. Now I design with sun dried florals as much as I do fresh flowers! Now, my business has evolved a step further using my sun dried florals to make floral infused body and home products. This is what inspired a lot of the products you see on this site!

Freckled fern grew out of my desire to build a community. I love to share my passion for florals and floral design. I live by the motto Think Globally. Act Locally. Building up and supporting an environment of like minded people is my vision of success.

My goal in life is to continuously grow through nurturing my relationships with God, Myself, My Family, Friends and Local Business Owners.

A few personal goals: teach my son to be kind, be courageous, live with integrity, find his tribe and live a passionate life.