Growing up I was in love with the book "The Secret Garden".  The gate behind the ivy and all the brilliant plants and flowers behind it.  The idea that you could find such a private floral oasis filled my little heart with wonder.  And, in a very special way I did get to experience my own secret garden while visiting my grandmother's home.  She had the loveliest garden filled with tons of fruit trees, flowers and wildflowers.  She had this gigantic willow tree with branches that hung to the ground.  She let us set up our own hideaway in there.  We had so much fun having tea parties and making daisy flower crowns.  

As an adult, I have always been influenced and inspired by both the secret gardens in my life and although I have taken some career detours what I have learned along the way is that everyday I get to play with flowers means it's going to be a better day.  There's an ease I feel when I have my hands in greenery and blooms.  It's how I know I'm living out my passion in life.  So much of my inspiration comes from God's loveliest creations; the trees and branches, the wildflower and moss, the succulents and vines, the tiniest plant to the stunning beauty of a summer peony.  

Everyday we are alive is a reason to celebrate and what a better way to experience that than through flowers in your home, heart, and hair.  I specialize in floral accessories including fresh and dried flower crowns, corsages, boutonnieres, leis, garlands, swags, and wreaths.  I'm always open to collaborate on any other floral ideas you might have.

Thanks for joining me here.  I hope you find inspiration in the florals I have created.  I look forward to working with you! 


XOXO Kelly


Seal Beach, CA

Monday – Friday 9:00am – 7pm
Saturday/Sunday 10am – 7pm